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Here are a some of the drills we use to improve you skills during the sessions. The drills are designed to challenge each athlete in ways to expose their weaknesses and to help them improve in those areas. Athletes will be able to improve their balance, hand-eye coordination, ball handling, and shooting during each session.The athletes will be asked to work on their skills using speed ladders, tennis balls, cones and hurdles. We also challenge athletes by asking them to complete multiple movements during the drills. You will be challenged mentally and physically to maximize your development.

Our drill focuses on balance, hand-eye coordination along with your ability to complete multiple tasks such as tossing & catching a tennis ball or dribbling under hrudles.

2 Ball dribbling is one of the fastest ways to improve your ball handling skill. As your improve your skill we will add different movements to increase your development.

Cardio is an important part of sports. Instead of running sprints we incorporate cardio into the drills we use during the workouts.

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